High Quality Garden Products

Where you can you find great gardening products for a cheap price? Well, look no further than AYearInTheSchoolGarden, and online garden and jewelry shop, specializing in premium garden decor products, and diamond jewelry. You won't find the combination of such beauty anywhere on the net. We support the health of our planet by selling products that are eco-friendly and human friendly; all product photos courtesy of Jules Design. Most of our garden products are geared for the next generation of children who aspire to be gardeners, foresters, and environmentalists. This is why we put our focus on education: For the future of the world we live in, and the present harm so many are creating through global warming.

Gardening products for kids

We teach kids how to make gardening products! Plant-based learning class is one of the best ways to discover the living world; in the school environment, it provides incomparable platform to assist students in achieving their goals. It all needs student’s social engagement, emotional, and intellectual ability with things, which must be planned, arranged, counted, measured, and maintained. As students focus, it can lead to gratifying results for your school.

Creating Awareness Among the Youngsters

Every kid must know where the food comes from, planting process, and other healthy things. AYearintheSchoolGarden.com offers an informational guide to build school gardens. It gives the best ideas on design practice, curriculum, planning, implementation, and volunteering. It offers helpful suggestions on how to grow school garden successfully, and also share lessons and activities to be conducted in the process that improve the thinking and problem solving abilities of students.

Plant-based learning classes can be conducted by trained teachers and staffs to include the use of natural setting, outdoor gardens, and garden activities in classroom subjects.

Keeping gardening and wicker lessons a part of student’s education can help them know the real value of plants. Teachers have to work together with students and start a design process prior to garden building. Educators should know where to place the plans in the school campus along with its maintenance process.

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